Milton Keynes Acute Home Treatment Team helps avoid admission to a mental health inpatient ward by providing intensive support to people in acute mental crisis in their homes.

The team works closely with the inpatient service based at the Campbell Centre, and is also supported by the Trust’s Out of Hours Urgent Advice Line. All service users are provided with a crisis card with details of how to contact the appropriate service in an emergency.

All admissions to inpatient beds at the Campbell Centre are received through the Milton Keynes Acute Home Treatment Team.

The team provides support for people who:

  • Are over the age of 18.
  • Are a resident of Milton Keynes or registered with a Milton Keynes general practitioner (GP).
  • Are in an acute phase of serious mental illness, or are suspected to have an acute mental illness. This may include service users who have a dual diagnosis, such as a learning disability or substance misuse.
  • Are suffering a relapse of a long term mental illness.
  • Are vulnerable or at risk of harm to themselves or others, who cannot be safely supported in a community setting without an intensive level of support, care and treatment.

The team is unable to support people who:

  • Are under the age of 18.
  • Are not in an acute phase of a serious mental illness.
  • Could not be safely treated within a community or residential setting, due to risks posed by the environment or individual.
  • Have a primary diagnosis of alcohol or other substance misuse, or a learning disability, or a physical problem, without a mental health problem.
  • Have a primary organic diagnosis at any age, such as dementia.
  • Are in crisis that is social in nature, and where there is no current evidence of acute mental disorder.
  • Cannot be safely managed in the community, such as those at risk of offending.

Service users can be referred through the Milton Keynes Assessment and Short Term Intervention Team, via A&E or through your Community Mental Health team.

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The service is open seven days a week, 8am to 10pm.