This team offers support for children and young people attending a Hillingdon mainstream state school.

We provide speech and language therapy in mainstream primary and secondary schools in Hillingdon to support children and young people with speech, language and communication difficulties.

We empower school staff to support children and young people with speech, language and communication needs – including those not directly on the speech and language therapy caseload.

We support school staff to:

  • Make use of whole class strategies in lessons
  • Make use of child specific strategies in lessons
  • Run school-led intervention groups

The service provides schools and parents with resources, advice and training which they can use to support children and young people.

The SEND Advisory Service (London Borough of Hillingdon) also provides training and support to schools.

Read more about the therapy sessions.

We support children and young people who may have difficulties with:

  • Understanding what the teacher is saying in lessons
  • Using word endings and including small grammatical words when they are talking and writing
  • Explaining or expressing more complicated ideas and thoughts
  • Making friends, having conversations and understanding social rules such as taking turns, staying on the same topic and maintaining eye contact
  • Saying sounds clearly, speaking fluently and speaking in school, even if they speak at home.

Download this document for useful information for parents/carers of children who are known to the Early Years speech and language therapy service and who will be starting in Reception.

Our therapists will work in different ways according to the needs of the child or young person and the school. The needs of the children or young people and the level of support to be offered are discussed by the therapist and agreed with the school’s special educational needs coordinator (SENCO). Read more about the therapy support offered.

Each school is allocated an amount of speech and language therapy time per year depending on the needs of the children at the school. All schools have the option to buy more speech and language therapy resources in addition to their basic allocation.

We support both children and young people with an Education, Health and Care Plan and those without.

Children or young people who have an Education, Health and Care Plan or Early Support Funding with speech and language therapy identified as a requirement will receive their identified provision.

We work alongside a range of professionals including teachers, learning support assistants, SENCOs, educational psychologists, paediatricians and the SEND Advisory Service. Learn more at the Hillingdon Local Offer website. To make sure that your child receives the best care, it may sometimes be helpful for us to contact other professionals about your child and share information together. We will seek your consent beforehand

An interpreter can be provided to help in meetings with the speech and language therapist or over the telephone. There is no cost to anybody for this service.

Please let your speech and language therapist know if you would like us to arrange an interpreter for you by contacting the CITS advice on 01895 488200 or email

Special schools in Hillingdon, along with Special Resource Provisions (SRPs), directly employ their own speech and language therapist and you can contact your child’s school to find out about their arrangements for speech and language therapy.

For children and young people attending independent or out-of-borough schools without an Education, Health and Care Plan, or for children being home schooled, we can offer a review every term in a clinic or health centre with a home and/or school programme of advice if parents want to access this service.

Children or young people attending an out-of-borough school who have an Education, Health and Care Plan from Hillingdon will have their speech and language therapy delivered in school.