We work with children and young people whose speech and language therapy needs are primarily due to permanent hearing impairment.

The Hearing Impairment Team provides a specialist speech and language service to children and young people who have a moderate to profound permanent sensori- neural hearing loss and who wear hearing aids or cochlear implants or are waiting to get them.

They work closely with audiology, teachers of the deaf and specialist assessment centres to make sure there is coordinated support for the children.

Having a hearing loss will affect how a child is able to hear and understand language. There are many things that parents/carers can do to support their child to develop their listening and attention skills, understanding and speech. The Hearing Impairment Team can support them to do this effectively.

The speech and language therapist will always try to provide the sessions within the most appropriate setting for that child/young person. This may be in the home, children’s centre, school or nursery. The therapist will discuss this when booking appointments for the child.

Many children can benefit from learning some signs to communicate when they are young. This can help to reduce frustration and develop language and communication before they are able to talk. This can be particularly helpful for children with a hearing loss.

As well as advice for developing speech, language and communication skills, parents and carers will be able to discuss how they may want to communicate with their child. For example, using signs, using spoken language, using pictures and other visual support. The therapist will be there to support parents in the decision they make.

Where appropriate, sessions will be offered jointly with teachers of the deaf to provide a more integrated service and to help parents to set joint targets. The speech and language therapist may also attend appointments at specialist centres if appropriate.

There are two local authority specialist provisions for children and young people who are hearing impaired or deaf.  Visit Glebe Primary school and Vyners Academy Secondary school for more information.