• The Communications Pyramid: This video describes the building blocks a child needs to develop effective language, social interaction and speech skills.
  • Development Language Disorder (DLD): Find out more about DLD, a hidden disability that makes it difficult for a child to speak and understand language.
  • Attention Hillingdon: Attention Hillingdon is a group for children with Autism that helps to develop attention and listening skills.
  • TEACCH: TEACCH is a set of principles and techniques used to support children with Autism.
  • Now and Next visual boards: Visual supports can help prepare your child for changes and to build structure into their day.
  • 'I am working for...' boards: These visual boards can be used to offer a reward to a child for completing steps in an activity.
  • Signalong: Signalong is used to sign key words whilst talking at the same time to support a children in understanding and using spoken language. Visit the Signalong website for more information.
  • Colourful Semantics: Colour Semantics is an approach that supports children to learn new words, grammar sentences and understanding questions using colour.
  • Lego Therapy is a group based intervention that allows the children to develop and practise many different skills such as attention and listening, social skills and language skills.
  • Stammering: describes how to support a child who stammers or stutters.
  • Shape Coding: Shape Coding is a visual coding system which includes the use of colours, arrows and shapes to teach grammar. This presentation gives examples of how shapes are used. Visit the Moor House School website for more information.
  • Language and communication in the early years: The University of Sheffield has developed short videos on language and communication.

A set of videos created by the Wiltshire Speech and Language Therapy Service gives tips and ideas on how to support a child to develop their speech, language and communication skills. They have videos covering the following areas:

These videos can be accessed on their website.

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