This service is generally for children and young people who live in Hillingdon and or are registered with a Hillingdon GP.

We operate an open referral system which means that anyone can refer a child or young person.

You may need to check if the child you are referring is eligible for the service. You can contact the CITS advice on 01895 488200 or email if you are not sure.

All referrals should be sent to CITS. The address is on the referral form which is available to download

The referral must state the child’s functional difficulties that are impacting on how they participate in daily activities (occupations) across self-care, school work or play (such as with handwriting, age appropriate self-care skills or joining in PE lessons).

When we have received the referral, we will decide which team will be best to see your child.

We aim to offer an appointment within six weeks of receiving the referral.

If you would like some extra support to help you to decide who to refer, you can contact the CITS advice on 01895 488200 or email

Please note, that our service does not provide home equipment (seating, bathing etc.) for children/young people above three years old. These children and young people should be referred to social care direct. Please contact them on 01895 556633 or email

When will my child be seen?

All appropriate new referrals will be offered an initial appointment within six weeks of the referral. Initially, you will have a phone consultation with an occupational therapist which will last about 30 minutes. Following this, if appropriate, a face-to-face assessment will be offered. Referrals are prioritised if there are urgent equipment needs impacting on management in the home environment.

Parents can also attend to drop in session. Dates and times are on this page.

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