Please find a list of exercises below suitable for strengthening and stretching your child arms.

Stretching your child’s muscles is important for maintaining joint flexibility and muscle length, to reduce the risks of muscles becoming tight.  If your child’s muscles are not stretched regularly this may have a negative impact on their daily function. 

It is important to complete stretches regularly to maintain muscle length, particularly if your child’s muscles and joints are prone to becoming stiff and tight. It is important to hold each stretch for approximately 20-30 seconds to allow a muscle sufficient time to lengthen. If your child is unable to tolerate this at first, start with what they can manage and aim to build up to 30 seconds as able.

Strengthening exercises are important for reducing pain and improving balance and energy levels. Some exercises have been split into Level 1 or 2. If you are finding a particular level too easy or difficult please try another level. These exercises may initially cause some muscle soreness and you may feel slightly out of breath. This will improve once your child gets stronger. However the exercises should not elicit sharp pain or make you feel dizzy or faint, if your child experiences any of these symptoms please ask them to stop and consult with their named therapist or contact our advice line.

Image Description
Arm weigth bearing in side sitting.JPG Arm weight bearing in side setting
Carying a tray.JPG Carrying a tray
Side sitting.JPG Side sitting
Supination.JPG Supination