Please find below a list of exercises suitable for stretching your child’s legs. Stretching your child’s muscles is important for maintaining joint flexibility and muscle length and reduces the risk of their muscles becoming tight. Joint and muscle tightness can be very common during a child’s growth period as the soft tissue is adapting to a change in bone length. If your child’s muscles are not stretched regularly this may have a negative impact on their daily function.

It is important to complete stretches regularly to maintain muscle length, particularly if your child’s muscles and joints are prone to becoming tight. It is important to hold each stretch for approximately 20-30 seconds to allow a muscle sufficient time to lengthen. If your child is unable to tolerate this at first, start with what they can manage and aim to build up to 30 seconds as able.

If your child has any of the following please do not carry out these exercises:

  • Joint swelling
  • Open wounds around the joint
  • Recent fracture or dislocation
  • Joint sprain
  • An Infection
  • Any other recent injury to the area
  • Recent surgery

Please consult with your named therapist or contact the advice line if you are unsure about completing these exercises.

Image Description
Adductor stretches- hold for 30 seconds.jpg Abductor stretches (hold for 30 seconds)
Bear walk.JPG Bear walk
Hamstring stretch.JPG Hamstring stretches
Hip flexor stretches.jpg Hip flexor stretches
Hip strenghtening - play in high kneeling.jpg Hip strengthening
Playing in high kneeling.JPG Play in high kneeling
Playing in half kneeling.JPG Play in half kneeling
Quads stretche holding on.JPG Quad stretches
Single Hamstring stretch with a chair.JPG Single hamstring stretch with a chair
Single hamstring stretch- hold for 30 seconds each leg.jpg Single hamstring stretch (hold for 30 seconds)
Towel assisted calf stretch.jpg Towel assisted calf stretch
Wall calf stretches - hold 30 seconds each leg.jpg Wall calf stretches (hold for 30 seconds)