Below you will find a list of exercises to strength your core (abdominal) muscles. Strengthening this area is important for improving posture, reducing pain, improving your child’s balance and increasing their energy levels.

Some exercises have been split into Level 1 or 2. If you are finding a particular level too easy or difficult please try another level. These exercises may initially cause some muscle soreness and you may feel slightly out of breath. This will improve once your child gets stronger. However the exercises should not elicit sharp pain or make you feel dizzy or faint, if your child experiences any of these symptoms please ask them to stop and consult with their named therapist or contact our advice line.

Image Description
Airplane- arms lifted.jpg Airplane (arms lifted)
Airplane- arms and legs lifted.jpg Airplane (arms and legs lifted)
All 4's arm raise.JPG All 4s (arms raised)
All 4's leg raise.JPG All 4s (legs raised)
All 4's arm adn leg raise.JPG All 4s (arm and leg raise)
All 4's.JPG All 4s
Bridge 1.JPG Bridge (one)
Bridge 2.JPG Bridge (two)
High kneeling at a  gym ball.JPG High kneeling with a gym ball
Knee raises whilst sitting on a gym ball.JPG Knee raises with a gym ball
Single leg bridge.JPG Single leg bridge